Papaya Bag - antique tan

Hand crafted from full grain leather . This gorgeous bag id designed by Alan Myerson in Australia and ethically produced by skilled artisans in Bali.

This bag is designed to pull the bottom triangle shape out to pack flat for travel. When used the bottom is pushed up and creates a beautiful basket shape. There is a magnet fastener along the top edge to secure your belongings. Inside the bag there are 2 discrete pockets on 2 sides, one with a zip top for extra security and the other an open pouch for quick and easy access.

Approximate dimensions:

Width of bag: 200 mm x 200 mm

Height / length of bag (excluding handle): 330 mm (with bottom of bag flattened into it's triangle shape - packed flat for travel this way) ; 280 mm (with bottom of bag pushed up to create basket shape - used this way)
Handle drop: 270 mm

There are 2 internal side pockets - opposite each other inside the bag:
One pocket is an open pouch: 200 mm wide  x 150 mm deep
The other pocket has a zip closet on top: 200 mm wide x 150 mm  deep

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