Labrador Leather softcase 15"

• Size: W40.5 H28.5 D3 CM 

• It perfectly fits the macbook pro 15".

• The internal neoprene provides softness, scratch protection, and water    

• The high quality full grain genuine leather gives you that elegant look and feel that improves with time as a patina develops


leather care tips

• When leather gets wet, clean it with dry cloth and keep it in an open and shady area

• Small scratches can be fixed by finger rubbing. Dark stain can be removed by type of cleaner. Please do not rub too hard.

• Soft and dry cloth should be used for daily care for leather. Leather cream can be used once in a while or to make up oily content. Alcoholic solvents such as thinner and benzine are not recommended.

• Leather needs breathing, thus when stored, dust has to be cleaned and kept under open space.

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